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Facebook will open Facebook Instant Articles to all publishers, effective April 12, 2016. Facebook Instant Articles was built to solve the problem of slow loading times on the mobile web created a problematic experience for people reading news on their phones. With Instant Articles, publishers will have full control over the look of their stories, as well as data and ads.

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Creating a WhatsApp Broadcast List_01_access Broadcast Lists

WhatsApp BroadCast Lists are a great tool to individually reach people. Broadcast Lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages to without having to select them each time. When you send a message to the Broadcast List, it will solely send to all recipients in the list who have your number saved in their phones’ address book. Read more

track Facebook ads in Google Analytics_06_Facebook ad referral in Google Analytics

A lot of websites are using Google Analytics for tracking traffic. And also, a lot of Websites are using Facebook Ads to promote their website or to drive potential customers to their online shop. Wouldn’t it be great to measure the success or return of investment of on ad on Facebook by analyzing the click through rates? However, it doesn’t work natively to track Facebook ads in Google Analytics. What you need for tracking is an ad specific custom Google Analytics URL. Read more

Facebook disabled accounts_accounts not following Facebook Terms

Some days ago, I was really irritated: I couldn’t access nor my Facebook account neither my Facebook pages. My Facebook account was disabled or blocked due to suspicious activity. Facebook told me that “suspicious activity has been detected on your Facebook account and it has been temporarily suspended as a security precaution”. So I was locked out of Facebook. When I try to log in I see a message saying my account is suspended. And when I went to, the URL of my personal page, it said “Content Unavailable.”. Read who I recovery my disabled Facebook account and, as a bonus, my lessons learned at the end of this post.

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Up to now, I’ve been blogging for more than three years. In the meantime, I get more than 2.500 page views per day on my main blog – Tech.Blog. But I needed more than three years to understand how successful posting is working on Facebook. At the end of the day, there are exact 3 success factory to get more Facebook Likes and Facebook Shares: Read more

Social Locker by OnePress: locked content

I had always been wondering how bloggers gain k’s of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers. My blog stagnated at around 100 Facebook Likes and 100 Twitter followers for years, although the traffic increased to thousands of page views per day.

Then, it was one day in November 2014, I stumbled on the WordPress Plugin Social Locker by Onepress and everything turned:
4 months later I got +3k Facebook Likes and +1k Twitter followers! Read more Tech.Blog iTunes Podcast

Learn how to create your own iTunes Podcast using your blog without any plugin and a podcast RSS feed made with Google feed burner. This podcast RSS feed is submitted to iTunes. After approval from iTunes, the podcast is published on iTunes and available for subscription on iTunes for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Read more

pabst.socialmedia on Facebook

Following the accounts on Google+ and Twitter, and the FeedBurner RSS feed, pabst.socialmedia, your social media expert to get your business connected to customers, is now live on Facebook, too. Just like pabst.socialmedia’s Facebook page to get the latest news about social media marketing and how to set up your social media on TwitterFacebook and Google+ and connect these social media to your business site or blog.

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Google Authorship in web-search discontinued

Google Authorship in web-search is no longer supported as recently stated on the official Google Webmaster Authorship page. The discontinuation of Google authorship was confirmed by John Mueller on Google+ on August 28, 2014. John Mueller states that “in our tests, removing authorship generally does not seem to reduce traffic to sites. Nor does it increase clicks on ads. We make these kinds of changes to improve our users’ experience“. Read more

FeedBurner RSS Feed error code 400 on HTTPS websites

FeedBurner RSS feed problems with error code 400 on HTTPS website, especially on WordPress, are fixed by adding the FeedBurner USER_AGENT to the .htaccess file. The HTTPS-Encryption can be controlled by this USER_AGENT. The solution of the problem is not to activate HTTPS for FeedBurner. Read more