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bbPress: WordPress Plugin ‘Basic User Avatars’ Adds Custom Profile Picture

bbPress WordPress Plugin Basic User Avatars Adds Custom Profile Picture

bbPress is a fantastic and simple WordPress forum plugin for a website running on WordPress. By Default, WordPress does not allow users to upload their own avatars to your WordPress website, but uses a third-party host called Gravatar. If you want to add a custom profile picture to your website or bbPress forum, the WordPress plugin ‘Basic User Avatars‘ adds custom profile picture, both to the back end via dashboard and the front end via your profile of your wordPress and bbPress Website.

How to add a custom Profile picture to bbPress

Install WordPress plugin ‘Basic User Avatars’

Profile pictures are a WordPress setting, not specifically bbPress. WordPress calls profile pictures ‘Avatars’ and you will find the settings for Avatars under the ‘Discussion’ link under ‘Settings’ on the Admin Dashboard. Customs Profile pictures are added as follow:

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to ‘Plugins‘.
  2. Select ‘Add New‘.
  3. Click in the field ‘Search Plugins‘ and type ‘Basic User Avatars‘ and hit the ‘Return‘ key on your Keyboard.
  4. The plugin ‘Basic User Avatars‘ appears. Click ‘Install Now‘.
  5. After Installation, click on ‘Activate Plugin‘.
  6. Go to your bbPress profile on the front end and select ‘Edit‘. There you can upload any custom Profile Picture you want. You’re done!


The plugin ‘Basic User Avatars’ adds custom profile Picture to WordPress and bbPress forum, both to the back end (Dashboard) and the front end (profile).

Stay tuned! 😉

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