Google changes ad display_Google Search Desktop Results after change

Google is changing the way how to display ads on desktop Search results worldwide. Right side ads are not shown anymore. Before the change, 3 ads were shown on the top of the desktop search result and a bunch of ads on the right side. The roll out is starting today with showing 4 ads on the top of the desktop search results and no ads on the right side. Google Local Business information and Google Shopping results will still be displayed on the right side.

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pabst.socialmedia on Facebook

Facebook will open Facebook Instant Articles to all publishers, effective April 12, 2016. Facebook Instant Articles was built to solve the problem of slow loading times on the mobile web created a problematic experience for people reading news on their phones. With Instant Articles, publishers will have full control over the look of their stories, as well as data and ads.

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iTunes Conncet Podcasts_refresh feed without resubmitting

iTunes Connect added the ability to refresh Podcasts online and without re-submitting the Podcast. iTunes on a computer is not mandatory any more, just go to your web browser following the iTunes Connect Podcasts link.

Previously, there was just the option to submit a new Podcast feed. Now the Podcaster is also able to modify an existing Podcast feed address. Due to a so-called not changeable Apple given Mirror URL, the Podcaster can change the RSS feed URL without loosing user subscribed to the Mirror URL. Further more, you get an overview about all submitted Podcasts assigned to an Apple ID.

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